Contemporary Worship

9:00-10:10 am We meet in Fellowship Hall where a contemporary worship team opens with songs, followed by a  relevant and applicable message with audio/visual aids.  Coffee and treats are served afterward.  The atmosphere is welcoming and informal.   Our Sunday morning children’s ministry, eXcite, meets at the same time so you have the option of leaving your children in the capable hands of our eXcite team or bringing them to worship with you.

Traditional Worship

10:30-11:45 am We gather in the Sanctuary for this service.  It has all the traditional elements and of course, this means we sing the great hymns of the church.  The message here is relevant and applicable to all, while utilizing audio/visual aids.  While eXcite meets at 9 am, we value kids of all ages at this service too.  Kids are provided worship bags and intentionally invited to participate in various components of worship as well.  We partner with parents to create a space for families to worship together through the traditional elements of worship.

Slaying Giants

We all want more out of life. But too often, obstacles stand between us and the full life God promises. They loom over us like giants blocking our path: Greed, fear, anxiety, bitterness, and comparison — these “giants” are real and they are ready to fight. We can either turn and run, or we can start slaying giants.  January 6th kicks off a new message series SLAYING the GIANTS. Join us at 9 or 10:30 and let’s start slaying!


Life Group Sunday /
Annual Meeting 

Sunday February 10th at 10am – put it on the calendar! We are doing something totally new and you don’t want to miss it. First, worship at 10am in the sanctuary for Life Group Sunday. One church One service One focus: be disciples make disciples. Following worship our Annual Meeting in Fellowship Hall with a Potluck lunch (sandwiches, salads, desserts – keeping it simple.). Worship at 10am and WPC’s Annual Meeting and Lunch immediately following.



Our next message series focuses on our relationships. Parenting, marriage, friendships – they matter to us greatly. Even so, it is so easy to slip up and hurt one another. But through God’s Word we can discover the key to healthy relationships- what is important. This can be what catches us before we slip and fall, what sets us on solid ground to build life-giving relationships.


Real Jesus

This lent we begin a series that will tear away our misconceptions of Jesus and get to the heart of who he really is. Let’s get personal with Jesus, because when we get personal with him, he gets real with us. And when Jesus gets real with us incredible things are bound to happen. Are you ready to experience the REAL JESUS?