Contemporary Worship

9:00-10:10 am Meets in the Fellowship Hall. Children’s Ministry is available, Our Sunday morning children’s ministry, eXcite, meets at the same time so you have the option of leaving your children in the capable hands of our eXcite team or bringing them to worship with you.

Traditional Worship

10:30-11:45 am Meets in the sanctuary.

SUMMER 2017: SPEAK (we’re listening)

page.001Does God really speak to us?  He Speaks in the Bible, but does God still speak in the same way today?  We believe the answer is a loud YES!  This summer we will center in on the voice of God, the loving Father who speaks to his children in many different ways.  Our role?  Simple: to be ready to listen.  And to believe that God not only has something to say to each one of us, but to us as the Church, and that something is worth listening for.  Are you ready?  Speak, Lord . . .  we are listening!


A Night Of Worship!

On the 2nd Wednesday of every month our church and members of the community unite as a Kingdom of believers to soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit.   Through song and prayer we gather and aim to bring praise and worship to God, to seek healing and wholeness in His presence, and to encounter his presence in our midst.  It is a special night – different from Sunday Morning because it zooms in on two key elements: (1) our relationship with one another by gathering together with guided prayer & meditation (2) our relationship with God through song and prayer.   Like Sunday, we come together as one family of believers and lean into the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Yet UNITE is uniquely a time to listen to the word of God, meditate with music while praying, and simply rest in His presence.   In doing so, we begin to better recognize and understand the voice of God as we unite our voices and our hearts in his presence.

2nd Wednesdays | 7pm | Fellowship Hall