Project List for 2016 The Church has Left the Building

FRIENDS Village                                   Time: 1:00pm – 3:00 pm

TEAM LEADER: Jan Staub                    Phone: 856-881-0906

This project has two parts. First, from 1:00pm – 3:00 pm, we’ll be visiting with residents in the health care section, so you need a heart for caring and conversation. For the second part, we’ll be conducting the 3:00 church service in the form of an old-fashioned Hymn Sing with Prayer, Praise, Psalms, and Preaching!!!  The fifteen minutes between parts gives us time to assist residents to the service. Our goal is to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and share his love! For the first part, we’ll be splitting into small groups, the reconvening as a full group at 3:00 for the service.


Angels of God

TEAM LEADER: Lorraine Pfeffer

Phone: 609-221-9156



Volunteers will go to Angels of God (a store that provides clothing for families in need) to set up displays, fold clothes, clean, etc.


Road Clean Up

TEAM LEADER: Kit Zitkevitz

Phone: 609-743-3719


Time: 9:00am

God created all things and as his people we are called to keep beautiful the world he has given us to live in. This group meets at the church at 9am and will spend about 1 ½ – 2 hours picking up trash and litter on one of our local roads


Carnival Block Party


Phone: 609-420-6401


Time: 12:00pm- 2:00pm

FAMILY FRIENDLY! We need families to come out and have fun. This project will go from 12-2 (not including set up and break down) and will create a block party at Marvin Watson Park with carnival games, free food, face-painting, etc.


Disciple’s Food Pantry


Phone: 609 420 5123



This team will go to Disciple’s Food Pantry (Asbury Methodist Church) to work with sister churches in town in serving the patrons of the pantry. Free Breakfast will be served at 8am.


 FREE Carwash

TEAM LEADER: Josh Saunders Phone: 856-631- 8397 Email:

This group will gather in town at the Mobil gas station to wash the cars of customers who pull in, for free! They will also have a lottery system that offers $5-10 off gas off each customer. Details are being worked out but YOUTH WELCOME!!!


Loving Our Schools (William Roper Childhood Learning Center)

TEAM LEADER: Jennifer Hildebrand




This team will be going to the Early Childhood Learning Center and sprucing up the outside.

Meals on Wheels


Phone: 769-1603



This team will fill bags of food for days when the weather prevents volunteers from delivering food. “Blizzard Bags”


Ranch Hope Store  (at Cowtown)

TEAM LEADER: Sue Bestwick

Phone: 856-305-1739



Volunteers will help to sort, fold, and clean in the Ranch Hope Thrift Store.

Sewing Circle

TEAM LEADER: Patti Elwell

Phone: 856-769-1097



This team is designed for those who are not able to go out and do hard labor, but instead would love to share their sewing skills. The plan is to make bags to use to form “Care bags” for victims of human trafficking that are starting their lives over. If you like to sew this is the group for you! This group will gather in the church coffee shop Sunday Morning.

Lamppost Painting

TEAM LEADER : Joe Alliegro

Phone: 302-299-7299



Description: This team will be repainting the lampposts though out Woodstown as a way of caring for the community and demonstrating God’s love in practical ways.


Habitat for Humanity

TEAM LEADER: Brent Mathers

Phone: 856-207-8851


TIME: 9:00am at worksite

Description: Everyone, everywhere, should have a healthy, affordable place to call home. Help support your local community is building affordable homes for your neighbors in need. Work site is TBA

Humane Society  

TEAM LEADER: Laurel Pfeffer

Phone: 856-981-0422


Description: Helping around the Humane Society of Salem County.


Talent Show  

TEAM LEADER: Elena Layton

Phone: 856-304-6691


Time: 1:00pm

Description: Bringing joy to the elderly at Golden Nursing Home.

Cards of Love ( Golden “Salem Country Nursing Home”)

TEAM LEADER: Lisa Headly

Phone: 856-466-2275

Time: 9:00pm card making, 10:00am distribution

Description: This group will gather at WPC, to make cards, and then take time to visit the residents as they hand out the cards. FAMILY FRIENDLY PROJECT : infants & toddlers welcomed!

First Baptist Church Projects

Coffee & Dunkin Donuts at Ann’s Abby in Woodstown *Limited available sign up


Phone: 769-0214 (church office)


Time: 10:00am – 11:30am

This ministry will be one of encouragement and fellowship with some of our friends at Ann’s Abbey. We will be taking coffee & Donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts and visit with the folks who live at the Abby!


Worship with our sister church at Cohansey Baptist Church of Roadstown ** 714 Roadstown Road, Bridgetown


Phone: 769-0214 (church office)

Time: 10:30am

This ministry will be one of encouragement and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, as we corporately worship together at one of our sister churches in the area. The worship service begins @ 10:30am.


White Cross Bandage Rolling


Phone: 856-769-0550


Place: Fellowship Hall, First Baptist Church of Woodstown

Time: 10:00am to 11:30am

This ministry will be one of exercising the spiritual gifts of helps. You will be wrapping cotton sheets into bandages, to be distributed by White Cross.


Soup Kitchen Breakfast & Service  ** 3959 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA

TEAM LEADER : Pastor Tim Joyce

Phone: 609-202-1831


TIME: 7:00am- 12:00pm

**Limited Available Sign-Up ** This is a Youth Ministry event with adult supervision; preparing breakfast with the Chosen 300 Ministries Staff, at a soup kitchen in Philadelphia; as well as attend the worship service.


Hearts United Against Cancer…Tying Comfort Blankets & Stuffing Pillows


Phone: 856-769-0214

Email: N/A

TIME: 10:00am – 12:00pm

This ministry will be one of exercising the spiritual gifts of compassion & helps. You will be tying blankets and stuffing pillows, which will be delivered to comfort and support individuals who are battling cancer. Bring a sharp pair of scissors, for your use during this project.