The Church Has Left the Building


  On Sunday October 22nd instead of coming to church WPC, in partnership with others churches in the community, we commit to “BE the church”. Let’s break it down:

“Don’t go to church. Be the church!”

On a Sunday each year, a growing number of congregations leave their building to be Jesus’ hands and feet in countless community projects. What started in 2010 with Woodside Church in Yardley is mushrooming into a movement of congregations.  In 2014 Woodstown Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church of Woodstown, and Asbury Methodist expanded the movement to Salem County, New Jersey.  In 2016 other churches joined in, Alloway Baptist and Pittsgrove Presbyterian.

The movement engages all ages in projects that bless local communities.

  •  We form small groups that go out into the community to bless the community by serving and loving our neighbors and neighborhoods.
  • We meet for community worship at 6PM that night to praise God for what he has done, share our stories from that day, and worship as One United Church.

The day is really the culmination of several weeks of prayer, Bible reading, sermons, and small-group Bible studies. As we read about Jesus and the apostles loving the lost and healing the hurting, momentum builds toward the day when we go out and follow in his steps.

Our theme this year, from the Gospel of Matthew is “Launch: The Church Has Left the Building.” Jesus told us to be salt and light in the world not in a church building. The Sermon on the Mount was not intended to be lived solely within the four walls of a sanctuary. Through these messages we’ll discover how Jesus wants to launch His people to live on the outside what we believe on the inside.  Click here to visit Woodside Presbyterian’s site and discover free resources and tutorial videos.

Want to be a part of the excitement this year?  Mark your calendar for CHLB (the Church Has Left the Building) 2017, the 4th Sunday in October (22nd).  Click here to download a list of projects from previous years to get an idea as to what we do on this day of service.  Or you can email us for more details:

NEW THIS YEAR:  CHLB tee-shirts.  CLICK HERE to order your shirt.

Take a look at The Church Has Left the Building 2015!