The Church Has Left the Building

 . . . and is “Inside Out : Set Your Faith Free”  

What does this mean?  This is our theme for The Church Has Left the Building 2016.  On Saturday October 23rd instead of coming to church WPC, in partnership with others churches in the community, we commit to “BE the church” .  Let’s break it down.

  1.  We form small groups that go out into the community to bless the community by serving and loving our neighbors and neighborhoods.
  2. We meet for community worship at 6PM that night to praise God for what he had done, share our stories from that day, and worship as One United Church.

Want to be a part of the excitement this year?  Mark your calendar for CHLTB (the Church Has Left the Building) 2016, the last Sunday in October.  Click here to download a list of projects from this year and contact any church to see how you can get involved in a project.  Or you can email us for more details:

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