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Children’s Christmas Musical December 17th
9:00 and 10:30

Once upon a time. These words have been the start of countless stories. When we hear “once upon a time,” we know what will follow. A tale of adventure and wonder. A legendary story of heroes and villains. In the end, good triumphs over evil. And everyone lives happily ever after.

These tales have become familiar to us all. We know that the lowly pauper will turn out to be a prince. We know that the king will triumph over the evil. The once cold, dead heart will become unfrozen. After awhile, the story loses it’s wonder and excitement.

The Christmas story began once upon a time. We don’t want to forget the power of that story. How that baby born in a manger is our Prince of Peace. How King Jesus established a kingdom that will never end. How he restores the frozen hearts of people and gives them new life.

Sunday mornings at 9:00 during worshipexcite logo.001

A high interest environment where children will hear engaging Bible stories, worship together, participate in hands on concrete activities and connect with other children their own age to get excited to know, love and follow God.  It’s an experience that children love!

eXcite eXtreme 4th and 5th grade

Sunday mornings 9:00  during contemporary worship service.

Preteens in 4th and 5th grade are ready to go a little deeper and start to build a faith of their own. It doesn’t matter if your child has been going to church since birth or is just getting started. Activities are designed to encourage preteens to think and to challenge them to know, love and follow God on their own level.

Even more eXcite eXtreme!

Sunday evenings 5:30 to 7:00

A youth group especially for kids in 4th and 5th grade! Designed to help them connect with God and with each other. Games, crafts, field trips, service projects, and much, much more!  It’s so fun they will want to bring their friends!


Nursery – Babies and Toddlers

Sunday mornings at the 9:00 serviceslides.004-001

It is our mission to provide an environment for your baby that is safe and nurturing. You can relax because we have pagers so we can communicate with you if your child needs something or even if he/she is happy!
When your child is walking steadily (around 18 months), we have a toddler room where children can be active toddlers. We play, we sing, we listen to very short Bible stories and we love God in our own active way.


More Fun for Kids


The best week of the summer is in July!   There’s a high energy Vacation Bible Spectacular that kids just love! There are games, stories, snacks and music that you’ll be singing all year.

nativity story.001

At Christmas time, children can participate in a Christmas Musical that will prepare our hearts for the real meaning of Christmas.